Impressive Chabenec mountain is located in the west part of Low Tatras, exactly in Dumbierske Tatry. The whole magnitude is obvious from its north side where a large glacier basin can be seen as well as Dumbier and Chopok peaks from the east. Between them there is Kotlinska mountain. If we turn our sight to the north we should be able to see as far as Liptovsky Mikulas and the Liptovska Mara water-reservoir. Even botanic fans are satisfied here. Plenty of very precious plants growth on local slopes and some of them are really charakteristic to this place.
Chabenec from KotliskáChabenec from Kotliská
Chabenec from Kotliská
Chabenec, Skala, Dereše from ChopokChabenec, Skala, Dereše from Chopok
Chabenec, Skala, Dereše from Chopok
Sight of Big FatraSight of Big Fatra
Sight of Big Fatra